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Swimming pool

The biggest swimming pool in the city

You will swim in the swimming pool with full-bodied 3-m lines of Olympic standard. It is comfortable to swim even when the swimming pool is full of people.

Aqua-aerobics zone

Aqua-aerobic workouts are conducted each day in the swimming pool. They are suitable for those who love cardio but don’t like treadmills.

Diving lessons and springboard diving

In the Niagara swimming pool the club’s clients undergo diving training and receive the international PADI certificate. With this certificate you can visit underwater beauty sights in any place of the world. And our 4-meters deep swimming pool allows springboard diving. With our instructor you will make 10 score dives!

High ceilings

Skilled swimmers know that high humidity is not good for the lungs and make training difficult. The Niagara swimming pool is situated in the premises with 8-m high ceiling and equipped with a powerful ventilation system. Due to that, it is never stuffy in our aqua zone.

Separate swimming pool for children

Children swim in a separate shallow swimming pool, where they can stop and stand on the bottom. Due to safety reasons, access to this swimming pool is allowed to children aged up to 14 years and instructors only.

Learn to swim from scratch

Our instructors work with babies aged 1 month and up. By age of 5 your child will be a real swimmer.


After an intensive workout you can rest in the Jacuzzi that is available from the morning and till the late evening. And our Jacuzzi is large so it is never overcrowded. We fill our Jacuzzi with sea water. It is the best choice for your skin health.

Clean water

A powerful filtering system maintains the water in an ideal condition. It is easy to verify – the water in the Niagara swimming pools is always crystal clear. And we don’t use chemicals that dry out your skin.

+28˚С и +30˚С . Even if it snows outside the water is always the same. Always.