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Trainers on “Rimini Wellness”

Niagara Fitness Club trainers participated in the International Fitness Convention “Rimini Wellness”. Our staff from aquazone, group workouts and gym went to Italy for world’s biggest gathering devoted to fitness, well-being, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating, an event that brings all the biggest companies in the wellness universe together under the same roof: from the makers of machines for physical activity to gyms, schools and trade associations, those who love the body, taking in spas for relaxation, rehabilitative sciences and dance, but also tourism and design.

They were Petru Artene, Cristy Tihon, Diana Galetcul, Olga Burovic, Iunna Djighinas, Victor Rogut and Anton Miklovsh.

Guys got a lot of information in the field of Welness and Fitness, tried new methodologies thay they brought to Moldova, met the world fitness stars!

Trainers on "Rimini Wellness"