Safety rules:

Before the beginning of classes in the gym, it is necessary to pass an introductory instruction with the on-duty trainer. In case of health problems, contact your instructor immediately.

  • The duration of one workout should not exceed 90 minutes.
  • Before starting workouts, you must undergo a medical examination. Keep in mind that regular exercise with weight often lead to the latent chronic diseases symptom expression. People suffering from osteochondrosis, muscular neuralgia, abdominal pain should pay special attention to the individual training program. In addition, thanks to regular medical examinations, you can observe your health state, which will help you to prevent the development of any diseases.
  • Do general stretching before each workout. The general warming of the muscles at the beginning of the workout, including hand swings, slopes, stretching exercises will help you increase the elasticity of ligaments and tendons, prepare muscles for the work. You can perform 1-2 sets of exercises with a weight that is approximately 50-70% of the basic working weight.
  • Do not use the barbell with discs without locking latches, or perform heavy exercises without the help of an instructor.
  • If you want to use a power simulator, make sure that someone else does not use it, if not, then suggest doing the approaches in turn.
  • Carefully follow the exercises technique.. Before you start a new exercise, start with a weight that will allow you to perform a minimum of 20 repetitions in one approach. Do not rush to increase the working weight. Address to the instructor in order to check the execution of the exercise.
  • Strictly observe the individual training program prepared by your trainer, as well as the principle of consistency and gradual increase in load. Incorrect choice of exercises without considering the state of health, age restrictions, start of training after illness or injury - will inevitably cause new injuries or expression of more serious symptoms.
  • While making the exercises with heavy weight, always ask somebody to spot for you. This applies to exercises such as squats with a barbell, barbell or dumbbell bench presses, shoulder press and seated press behind the neck. The backup must be carried out by an experienced partner or an instructor.
  • Keep order in the gym. Do not throw around discs and dumbbells. After the end of the exercise, put the equipment to its place. When pulling down the bar, remove the discs in turn (one disc on one side, then one on the other side). Otherwise, the weight of the discs remaining at the other end will cause the bar to roll over and fall.

Rules of conduct in the game zone:

It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects to the labyrinth: (glasses, chains, belts, as well as knives, blades, briquettes, paint cans, etc.).

  • Children who do have chronic illnesses or acute forms of infection that can threaten the health of other children are not allowed into the labyrinth.
  • At the same time in the labyrinth there can be no more than 12 children aged from 3 to 12 years (the growth should not exceed 140 cm).
  • In the zone is not allowed to be in the outer clothing and street shoes, you need to have the indoor shoes with a soft sole, you can also be without shoes. Being in the labyrinth a child should be worn covering the hands and feet.
  • No more than two children can be in the same place (floor, plastic pipes), only one child can be on the elastic grid.
  • To avoid collisions, it is recommended to use a plastic slide with an interval of at least 3 seconds.
  • Only one child is allowed to go down from the slide and without any objects (balls, rollers, etc.). Climbing the slide is strictly prohibited.
  • Suspended elements serve to create obstacles, climbing these elements is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not climb the grid surrounding the labyrinth.
  • It is not forbidden to throw balls at each other in a dry pool.
  • If necessary, the person in charge (instructor of a swimming pool, a children's room in instructor or a representative of the club's administration) has the right to take the child out of the labyrinth, which can cause harm and inconvenience to other children by his behavior.
  • Parents or persons responsible for the child are financially responsible for the damaged equipment.

Rules of behavior in the swimming pool:

НIt is necessary to pass an introductory briefing, which is conducted by the on-duty instructor.

Necessary measures:

  • Take a shower before going to the pool, sauna and hammam.
  • It is forbidden to apply cosmetics to the skin.
  • You should have a swimsuit with you.
  • In the pool it is allowed to swim only counter-clockwise (right).

It is forbidden:

  • Do not jump into the pool from the side and run around the pool.
  • Do not interfere with the movement of each other under water, shout, swim across the swim line.
  • Do not chew gum in the pool, this is dangerous.
  • It is prohibited to swim clockwise (left).

Rules of behavior of children in the pool:

  • Children between the ages of 6 and 13 are not permitted to visit the swimming pool on their own.
  • It is allowed to visit the pool for parents with children under 5 years old.

It is necessary to observe the rules of public order and not to disturb other members of the club, it is also necessary to maintain order.

Is not recomanded to visit sauna to people with the following diseases:

  • Hypertension.
  • Heart rate abnormalities.
  • Problems of the endocrine system and other chronic diseases.

Strictly prohibited:

  • Exceeding the recommended time in the sauna.
  • Use of any aromatic substances.
  • Spraying water over the stones to avoid electric shock.

Rules of conduct in aqua aerobics classes:

  • When attending a lesson, you need to consider your level of preparation.
  • If you are late for more than 10 minutes, the instructor has the right not to allow you to start the session, because it is dangerous for health.
  • The administration reserves the right to replace the scheduled instructor in the schedule, as well as make a change in the program of group training. Please check the information at the front desk.
  • During group sessions in the pool area, your free swimming should not interfere with other group members or instructors.
  • Use of special equipment is allowed only with the permission of the instructor.
  • It is necessary to monitor the sports equipment used and put it in place at the end of the workout.