These Terms and Conditions of use of www.niagara.md website shall be applied to orders for purchase of the services (personal drill trainings, SPA), which are offered by NIAGARA CLUB LLC, via the website.

We recommend to get familiarised thoroughly with the provided Terms and Conditions, before using the website. We reserve the right to amend this Regulation without a prior notice.


This website belongs to NIAGARA CLUB LLC. When making an order via the website, the Buyer shall accept the below Terms and Conditions of Purchase of the Services (personal drill training, SPA), as based on the laws of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Terms and Conditions’). Services will be provided under contract at the “Niagara Club”

Use of www.niagara.md website shall presume the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, which are proposed by NIAGARA CLUB LLC, in conformity with E-Commerce Act No.284/2004. The relations between the Buyer and the Seller shall be established, relying on Customer Protection Act No.105/2003 and on other regulatory enactments, which were adopted based on the above Act.

The Seller shall reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions, and the Buyer must stay up to date with such amendments.


By using www.niagara.md website, you tacitly agree with the collection and processing of those personal data, which are required for order processing/confirmation/fulfilment.

The personal data shall be processed for lawful purposes only, such as provision of the products or promotional events you ordered, for Google analytics, cookie files and notifications/news bulletins.

Any and all information that contains the personal data, shall be stored and used only within a time period, which is required for achievement of the purposes it was gathered for, in compliance with the clauses as set forth by Personal Data Protection Act No.133/2011.

We use the commercial security measures, in order to avoid unauthorised access, to keep the data accuracy and to ensure correct use of the information on the website. The data transmission via Internet or wireless network cannot be fully protected. Thus, we, as well as other Companies do, cannot guarantee the safety of the information provided by the Buyer. Hence, the Buyers shall do that at their own risk.


The services may be paid for via a payment card: when paying for the services, you will get a tax invoice confirming the payment.

The online payment is made under the maximum security conditions, subject to use of the payment card as a payment tool. This allows to carry on online transactions. You will get a payment confirmation to your e-mail address, after making a payment.

The payment processor uses a secured system, which is based on the latest version of 3D-Secure Standard. This means a new and global approach to Buyer authentication in the course of secured online transactions. Such a security measure comprises user redirecting, when they make a payment, to the secured page of MAIB Bank, where each card holder is authenticated by being assigned a one-time code for each online transaction.

The monetary funds shall be returned only to the payment card, which was used for purchase.

You shall introduce your bank card details, in order to make a payment. Such information shall be transmitted, subject to abidance by any and all required security measures. The information shall be transmitted as cyphered and shall be kept only on the specialised server of the payment system.

The following data shall be asked, in order to carry on a payment:

  • Card number (16 figures)
  • Expiry date (month and year),
  • CVC or CVV code (3 figures),
  • First name and surname from the payment card.

Any and all payments are processed in the domestic currency – MDL (Moldovan lei). If the transaction currency differs from the payment currency, the transaction amount shall be converted, relying on the exchange rate of the card transactions of the issuing bank, as of the day of settlement.


The monetary funds shall be returned to the card the services were purchased from.

Company’s contact details for returns: Please, contact your manager.

Time period of return application processing: 30 days.

Return terms and conditions:

  • Upon a written application,
  • Commission fee for the return/cancellation transaction 50.00 MDL.


The Service Provider shall process the personal data in conformity with the clauses of Personal Data Protection Act No.133/2011. The personal data shall be processed in a good-faith manner, relying on and in compliance with the legal rules. The personal data shall be processed using mixed methods (both automatedly and manually), subject to abidance by the legal requirements, and under the terms and conditions that ensure the security, confidentiality and respect of the rights of the data Subjects.

The Company shall collect and process only the personal data, which were provided by the Customers when making orders. i.e. first name, surname, telephone number, address and e-mail address.

The personal data shall be used exclusively for website administration, for provision of access to the information, particularly, for contacting the Customers, in order to render the services. Due to this information, the Users and Customers shall find out that their personal data (i.e. first name, surname, telephone number, address and e-mail address) will be processed and used. The Company shall process the personal data of the Users and Customers, which are provided when navigating, using or being signed in on www.niagara.md website.

Any and all information as provided by the Users and Customers of www.niagara.md website shall be examined and shall be regarded as an explicit consent to the personal data use by the Provider.

The Provider shall not disclose any available data to any third parties whatsoever, without consent of the data Subjects. The Provider shall not also trade in, exchange or divulge such data to any other persons whomsoever, save for the exceptions as stipulated by the effective laws (upon request of the public authorities, legal entities, courts, which are entitled to process the personal data).

The Provider may process and use the personal data for statistical purposes and further promotion.

The Company shall abide by the personal data security requirements, shall ensure the Customer data protection and shall prevent the loss, destruction, distortion/falsification or divulgation thereof to third parties whomsoever.

The Company employees must abide by the confidentiality of the Customer personal data. The personal data must be processed by the authorised person of the Company.

The Provider shall use the security methods and techniques as complying with the effective laws.

The Provider shall not collect the transaction-related information, for instance, about the card, validity period or country of origin thereof.

If any person concerned needs further information, they may address therefor by e-mail address info@niagara.md or via telephone number +373 22 21 00 21.


Legal name of the Company: NIAGARA CLUB LLC

Identification number: 1003600028587

Registered address: 5 Ghidighici Street, Chisinau Municipality

Business address: 5 Ghidighici Street, Chisinau Municipality

Contact telephone number: +373 22 21 00 21

Contact e-mail: info@niagara.md

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